On Monday night after the play was cleaning off glass, etc, while my wife was dancing with a friend of ours. They were in a slow series of kisses on the juke -box. I suspect that Dave was fucking hadmy my wife and how she saw in her eyes as she confirmed this close. It keeps me very active, as I looked, I thought how nice it would see that he 's shit. She was a great shag and noted that under the tap I know is a big change. went behind her and opened her dress to the lower back, exposing her bra, which I resolved. He did, nt stop me and Dave smiled as she pulled her dress shoulders and arms with her ??bra and left naked to the waist. Then I pulled the dress over her hips and fell at his feet. Dave makes her panties efukt down and started to leave them. It supports up to the bar and pulled his hand on his crotch, loosening a couple of fingers inside. He openedr to accommodate the legs and kissed him passionately, rolling his tongue around it. My cock was hard under his pants as Dave stepped back and began to undress. Its tail was long and hard cock, and she reached down and wrapped her fingers around his thick volume. Mmmm, that's nice and big, he efukt said, stroking up and down he fell on the carpet and sucks on her nipples as efukt he stroked her clitoris. She moaned with pleasure and then fell on him and took his cock in her mouth and gently cradled his big balls. I want to see her fuck Dave told me when you suck on her breasts and stroked her pussy continued. He then moved to her and she opened it and lifted his legs so that they could not fully penetrate her pussy. He put his cock in her and she gave a loud scream she took it. Now I had my cock and masturbates furiosly, when I give Dave a good hard fuck observed. She twisted under him and tides of their hard drives to meet. "Let Dave, Fuck me hard, give me your load of cum "he exclaimed. " Pete, she is happy tail, "he grunted as he slammed every inch in her tight wet pussy. She dug her nails into her thighs and took every inch fully in it. was strong peak just before complained that he would come, and rammed his cock and sprayed her right load of cum in it. she 's gone crazy, head rolling from side to side, as said when she felt his thick cock throbbing inside her, as he approached. they embraced for a minute or so and we got there, the breath. quicklyremoved my pants and underwear and took his place and my cock slid easily into your semen lubricated pussy and gave it to me when I started to fuck her. Dave sat watching and stroking his cock and how hard again. nt take long to come to me and had another load of creamy sperm in her. Dave was ready to penetrate her again, and I suggested we went to bed. No, I gave her another good fuck dog as Dave efukt notesStyle, che greatly enjoyed. He came around and squeed firm breasts as he pushed his cock into her pussy dripping wet. Again, however, highlight was struggling to take over his cock and asking him to stop at her pussy could, nt take longer. The spunk in her once efukt before withdrawal and collapse into bed beside her. Later, dressed and went home. I asked how many times he had fucked before David, and told me tenfold. I said yes, nt mind like shit loved and it was good, there is fucked up and I would watch as she gets fucked by more men, and she said she liked the fact efukt that two men fucking in turn I knew it. In the morning I was new, but she said her pussy fucked gently. invite other men for a drink at night, and watched as she gets fucked by them ------------------------ --- ----------------------- ---------
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